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dodgeball in schools


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The Dodgeball Company is a company that specialises in delivering a wide range of expertise in the UK’s fastest growing sport, dodgeball. The company is run by experienced Dodgeball coaches. Each Dodgeball coach plays the game at the highest level of the sport. It is through this expertise that The Dodgeball Company are able to deliver unparalleled service and knowledge in this field.

We have an approachable and flexible team that is committed to delivering the highest quality sports coaching sessions around the UK. The Dodgeball Company is committed to ensuring that kids are given access to top class sports coaching from a young age and that everybody is given an equal opportunity to thrive in sport.

High quality physical education and school sport contributes to a range of positive outcomes for young people. It allows children to improve physical development, movement skills and body confidence. Furthermore, our session can also contributes to their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Our Dodgeball coach loves to organise summer camps for kids. We run these camps every school holiday and provide a huge variety of fun activities and team building games. Our Dodgeball summer camps contain many activities which include quizzes, crafts, dance and our famous Dodgeball sessions.


dodgeball in schools

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The benefit of using TDC for your coaching sessions and needs is very simple, expertise. The company is ran by coaches who play the game at the very top level and can relate to the needs of the participants.

Members of staff include world class players from the current world champions, England Lions and fully qualified teachers with an in depth knowledge of school needs.

Each coach provides a fun, friendly and inclusive lesson that will leave the kids demanding more dodgeball. Furthermore, our staff are fully qualified, vetted and safeguarded and will provide their own equipment leaving you with no hassle whatsoever.

BBC Interview

Listen to Brett Koenig talking to the BBC about the upcoming World Cup of Dodgeball in Madison Square Garden New York. […]

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I contacted The Dodgeball Company and registered my children with their school holiday camp. My children joined the club and were taught all the rules by their coaches and fell in love with playing Dodgeball. It was completely hassle free and a great place to take my children to have fun whilst learning a new sport.

Pete Emmett

An outstanding place for having fun and also a great workout. I love the staff who are extremely skilled and provide fun and friendly ways to play Dodgeball which makes the game more interesting. If I had more free time, I’d definitely come back to this place.

Preston Gomez

We literally tried every mainstream sport to get my son engaged, but unfortunately he hated them all and refused. We talked to Brett Koenig who convinced our son to join the Dodgeball session. He would now play Dodgeball 24/7 if he could. We want to thank Brett and The Dodgeball Company for introducing us to such a great sport.

Jerry Brinson

I must say this is a great organisation. I have played lot of games including, softball, indoor football leagues, etc. but I am loving the Dodgeball sessions with The Dodgeball Company. Their sessions are fun filled and challenging, and I am addicted to playing.

Alfonso Keith

I took my kid and his friends to the Dodgeball camp during the school holidays. They have an amazing team with great service and they do everything to engage kids and adults of all age groups in the game.

Isaac Bowen

The number of people who attend their sessions speaks for themselves, keep up your excellent work. I wish them best of luck.

Robert Bolan