About Dodgeball

The Game

Dodgeball is an extremely energetic sport that features 6 players on each side. Each match can be played with 3 or 5 balls in play at any time. The object of the game to eliminate the opposition as quickly as you can by either throwing a ball and hitting them out or by catching an opposing player’s throw. Each game lasts 3 minutes and can be finished early by getting all of the oppositions players out before the time expires.


Who Can Play?

The easy answer to this question is anyone! Dodgeball requires no previous experience or desired skill sets. The sport is available to all abilities, ages and genders. Our coaches teach classes for children in primary school all the way through to university athletes. There really is no restriction on who can play and we would love to see you give it a try!

If you have any questions on the rules of the sport or the game itself, please contact the TDC team who would be happy to help.