Dodgeball in Schools

Dodgeball Coaching in Primary Schools

We provide excellent Dodgeball coaching for children from age 5 right through to the end of their primary school journey. We operate in four distinct areas within our primary school coaching initiative; breakfast clubs, PPA cover, lunch time sessions, and after school clubs. We understand that schools are extremely busy so we can be fully flexible to suit the education provider. Each session will bebetween 45 minutes and 90 minutes long and will be led by a fully qualified, international player.

Our goal is to increase the number of opportunities for students of all abilities to play, compete, and enjoy Dodgeball within the UK. Our excellent Dodgeball coaching staff want to support physical education in schools, and help introduce the skills of leading and officiating.

We will develop their fundamental movement and improve their own ability within a fun and inclusive environment. These sessions are available to children of all abilities and ages from reception to year 6.  At the forefront of the business we have a vision to provide top quality sports coaching for children across the UK. We are fully flexible and happy to discuss how our program can be rolled out in your school. Please contact Brett Koenig for more details and he would be happy to discuss with you.


Dodgeball Coaching in Secondary Schools

Our coaching staff are extremely passionate about delivering sessions to secondary schools as children begin to discover their sporting abilities and passions.  The impact that a high quality physical education and school sport experience can make on young people’s physical, social and cognitive development cannot be underestimated and we believe that dodgeball helps to deliver all of these goals at a crucial stage in young people’s lives.

Once again we are fully flexible in the delivery of our coaching sessions. We can operate before school in a breakfast club, during free lessons, at lunchtime or as a dedicated after school club. We never want children to be denied access to sport so if the demand is high we are happy to run multiple sessions per week.


Dodgeball in Schools


Dodgeball Coaching in University

It can be difficult for University teams to continually achieve success in their respective leagues due to the high turnaround of players that cycle during the average 3 year degree. In order to keep pushing through the University leagues and competing in the University Championships, we feel a top quality coaching session can lead to a constantly well performing team, regardless of losing players to graduation. Our international coach will visit your campus and deliver high level elite performance sessions to keep your team at the top of its game.

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